Assistance Insurance

carinsInsurance Auto Assistance offers help in case of an accident, if traveling by car. Upon the occurrence of a failure or an accident, the insurance company offers an emergency phone center where you can call to get instructions and help. The insurance is designed to help pay expenses for hotel accommodation and transport in case of the occurrence of the incident.
Autoassistance insurance may be valid only on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or abroad.
The standard term insurance “Autoassistance” is 1 year.
Upon the occurrence of an insured event, insurance companies cover the following costs:

• for transportation to the center for emergency medical assistance to the driver and passengers in the car
• repatriation to a hospital or home of the vehicle occupants;
• repatriation of mortal remains in case of death;
• to transport passengers from the scene to the nearest populated locality and to reserve tickets for public transport for their further transportation;

• Emergency medical assistance following accidents;
• to provide technical assistance and transporting the vehicle to the nearest appropriate service;
• Hotel;
• to ensure transportation of the vehicle and / or its attached devices to their steaming, the insurer provides replacement driver in case of traffic accidents was injured the driver of the car.